I'm thinking of modding my SG Special again, a few years ago I installed a Seymour Duncan hot rodded humbucker set in it after painting it and set it up with a push pull config. The bad thing about it is that the pot is huge and sticking out of the cavity so the back cover is half way screwed down. At the time I did the mod I wasn't very good with soldering (also didn't know of the amazing thing called flux) so every now and then it crackles and I need to bang on it to make a connection. I also have a killswitch installed and it pops sometimes when I press it so I might just remove that.

My idea is to use a tool, possibly a dremmel and cut out the top of the cavity since there are already too many holes in it anyway and get some pickguard material from Warmoth and make my own almost full body pickguard. I want it to mimic a P-Bass style pickguard where it covers the section I cut out and it will wrap between the pickups and up the horn. I will then decide if I should do a 2 vol 2 tone setup or just stick with the 1 vol 1 tone it already has. I want to keep the coil splitting so I want to use a dual DPDT switch config so I can do what the Series-Split-Parallel with Phasing like the wiring diagram on Seymour Duncan's site has.

I'll probably reroute the output jack to the side of the guitar kind of like a Les Paul and I'll shield the hell out of the cavity, pickguard and the back cover. I will also replace the hardware like I did on my previous Epi G-310 (which I never updated the thread about, I should do that soon) and replace the tuners and bridge. Currently I have DR DDT strings on it for some stupid reason so I'll change those too.

If anyone has any ideas on what else I should do that would be cool then mention it, I also want to put some strap locks on it too.

Here is what it looks like currently


Thanks for reading
This is the wiring diagram I just drew up while bored at work
(Edit: Just noticed I messed up on not including the ground on the third connection to the volume pot)

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Started working on it, removed all the electronics and did my dremeling. I didn't take a pic of it but my wires looked like a rats nest because I was inexperienced with soldering and I only had PC ribbon cable available.

I'm getting parts in the mail from Guitar Fetish today and some parts from Warmoth sometime this week so I'll update it with my progress.

Keep updating, I like ur ideaas
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Thanks, I got the pick guard material, copper shielding, and pots/input/toggle switch so this weekend I'll work on designing a pickguard for it. I'm excited to finally get one of my ideas off of the ground.
Worked on the guitar some this weekend, I knew it wasn't going to be pretty so I didn't care about if it came out bad or not, I just want it to be functional and versatile.

I traced out the outline of the cavity and cut it out on card board so I can start making my plans for execution. I'm waiting for parts that should come in the mail today which consist of two on-on-on switches and the football shaped input jack for mounting on the side.

Just to see how it would look from the top

It should all work well and I held the cable to the guitar to see how far it will insert (that's what she said)

This is what it will look like when it's done, missing the knobs and two switches but you should get an idea for it.
i dont like how unclean the cut looks on the PG, how about you extend it a little bit forward towards the horn in a horn like shape?? dunno.
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Quote by Heilz
i dont like how unclean the cut looks on the PG, how about you extend it a little bit forward towards the horn in a horn like shape?? dunno.

I had an idea for a pick guard that would wrap between the pickups and up to the horn but then I realized its a pain in the ass to cut that with a dremel. In the future if I ever decide to redo anything else on the guitar ill do a new pick guard with a jigsaw. It's my first time doing anything like this to a guitar so I'm sure in the future it will look better, one of the reasons the pick guard looks messy is because there is a layer of plastic to protect it that I haven't peeled up yet which can be seen around the edges.
I got my parts in the mail but I won't have time to do anything until Friday, here is a random video I made of me playing a guitar I recently got as a gift to hold whoever over that is watching this thread. lol

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