I'm a 6-string bass player and for my juries this semester, I'm planning on doing a chord melody on Mood Indigo.

Just wondering if there are any bass or guitar players who can help me out with maybe some rudimentary chord melody ideas (ways to approach) or examples of ones you've done or simple ones on Youtube.

I'm only doing the A section before the band comes in and it gets real sexy so it's nothing huge and doesn't have to be a Tuck Andress sort of thing, but at least interesting and challenging.

I'm planning on keeping it relatively rubato until the last 2 bars of the A.
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The thing with chord melody is to pick out notes that define the melody. The basic concept is, to play those notes in the higher register - so, the first two or three strings (e, B and G, ideally).

I like to play a chord melody of a jazz standard called Misty. Between some of the chords I do not play any of the melody, but I'll change the chords a little bit to give the feeling that I'm playing melody. This is something that's easy to do when we're playing 9, 11 and 13 chords, but not so easily done if your just playing regular major and minor chords. I'm not familiar with Mood Indigo. Having a fake book can also help you identify notes to play, depending on your playing level.