Hey! My groovy death metal band just released our first EP entitled Provenance. We've got intricate guitar passages, jazzy basslines, and brutal growls what more could you really ask for? We are heavily influenced by the groove aspect of metal (Pantera, Megadeth, Feared, etc.) We kind of want to force you to bang your head, Anyway go check it out, any support is much appreciated and we will support you just the same if you share your band on here. Thank you!

All of the songs are on here for free, but you can also pay however much you want. It's up to you! Either way I think it's atleast worth a listen, thanks!



Hyperlink is not working, not sure why, I may just be stupid.
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drums really do groove, interesting stuff. vocals sound huge and powerful, definitely sounds like Mario from feared

ranks of the silent is the best track imo

If you should have a facebook or something to gather a fans there. If you do you should stick it here and on the bandcamp page. There is a place to add it. Also, the tracks are not "name your price" it asks for $1 or more.

Anyways, please check out my bands release. Link in my sig. Thanks!