Here's my attempt at Nutshell by Alice in Chains

I learned this a long time ago (probably like 4 years ago). But I hadn't played it in a while until yesterday. So I decided to do a cover of it.

Hope my voice doesn't suck too much.

Also, I apologize for the grimaces. I just went from playing on .009 to playing .013s. My fingers were killing me.
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Good man esp for your age. Nice vocal and guitar playing. Nice guitar tone. Nice falsetto.

Your using a lot of head voice. You need to use your diaphram when singing. Tighten your belly and make your ribs stick out! You do have a good voicw though.
Its funny you say that. Usually when Im singing along to music in the car, Im using chest voice. But for whatever reason, I used a lot of head voice this time.
Im surprised the guitar tone came out as well as it did considering I just D/I'd it into the interface.
thanks for the feedback!
Nice voice, there's no way your voice sucks. Now my voice sucks lol

I really like how it has a live sound to it, almost like if i close my eyes i feel like I'm at a concert, great job man
If your voice sucks then I have no chance Nice tone too.
Great cover, really liked it.