I've got a good setup going right now, but I recently bought some new additions, and want the optimal setup with the new piece. My setup currently is:

Shure Wireless system-> Korg DTR1000 tuner-> ART 31 band EQ-> Ampeg SVT3 Pro-> Ampeg 610CL (All of this is plugged into a power conditioner)

I bought a Sonic Maximizer (compressor) and dunno where I should place it, or if I need to set it up completely different.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!
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i'd have the compressor as the final part of the chain before the amp. i'd want the whole signal to be compressed, not just the bass and then have the compressed signal EQ'd.
Here's a little tip: don't buy loads of shit for the sake of it. If you don't even know how to set it up, you probably don't need it yet.

Anyway, compression would usually go at the front of your chain. The only things that you'd typically put before a compressor would be a noise gate and possibly your tuner. It doesn't really matter which side the tuner goes, although most people put them at the front of the chain if possible in order to get the cleanest signal. As yours is rackmounted, that's not really going to be convenient.

Also worth noting that a Sonic Maximizer and a compressor are two different things. Without knowing what it is that you actually have, and whether or not it's rackmount, I can't really help you any further.
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There's a dedicated tuner out on the SVT-3 Pro, so connect the tuner to that. No point running it through the front.
The EQ, in my opinion, is kinda useless in this situation, as there's a dedicated EQ on that amp. However, run it through the effects loop so it alters the signal after the tone is shaped.
The BBE can be placed where you want - I'd prefer to put it through the FX loop, past the EQ.
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