I tried a Deluxe Reverb, and I fell in love with the way those 6v6s break up. Very similar to the clean channel of an RV50. However, it sounded a little too compressed. When it was cranked, it didn't clean up with my pick attack. It also didn't sound "wide" enough. Any less volume, and it wouldn't be enough gain. Some more headroom would be nice, too. I guess I'm looking for a more dynamic, big-boy DR. What other 6v6s are out there?
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6v6 amps aren't really known for headroom. they are mostly in lower wattage amps.

no love for the 6L6?
Try the JJ 6V6s, they might be what you're looking for if you don't want to go 6L6s, you could also take your amp to a tech and have it biased cooler for better headroom
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The compressed thing is pretty normal when you overdrive the output section of an amp, kind of hard to get around that.

I also don't really know of any amp like the DR, besides the DR and direct clones of it.
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