Alright, so I've been re-piecing together my old strat lately and I've gotten everything bought and together and what not...
Anyways, I set the action, I set the truss rod and I set the intonation all silently into my pedal.
Well, being new strings that I didn't break in, they were a little out of tune by the time I plugged everything into my amp.
I went to tuning away and everything sounded sweet and chimey... Until I got to the G string.
When I tuned the G string, it was sweet and chimey all the way through F#. Halfway inbetween F# and G, the string goes dead... not sweet and chimey at all.
I've never encountered this before.
Any ideas to what the problem is?
Could it be just a bad-lemon string?
Right now, I have it just sitting down a half-step and it sounds incredible the way it is, but I'd like to be able to play it in standard without a capo.

If it matters, it's a set of Fender Pure Nickel 10s (that I'm liking a whole, whole lot more than I anticipated.)
might be a bit of wear and tear in the nut for your G, string not sitting properly, bit of dirt in the nut groove?

sounds like u got everything perfect though, very wierd