Hi! I am just trying to assemble a guitar for the first time, scavenging parts around the internet. I am trying to keep it simple and spend very little money this time (this is just a first attempt), but I am still hoping to come out with something playable. I m going for a strat (im not a big fan of strats but parts are easy to find and it seems one of the most straight-forward guitar projects) - I was wondering about the neck: I am left-handed (it's a damn pain) and I noticed that it isnt really easy to find a good lh neck, and the price difference can be pretty noticeable as well. Would it be possible to mount a right-handed neck backwards or would it turn out to give me a lot of problems?
didnt jimi hendrix play his right hand strat upside down to make it left handed?
well jimi turned his nut around as well as i recall, it would be unplayable to leave nut in same position, E string would slip as it is bigger than the hole
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Right handed necks will work.
Check out www.guitarfetish.com they have paddle shaped headstocks yoiu can cut yourself for really cheap. also they have lots of necks/bodys in their clearance section.

Pickups and hard-ware are good and cheap also
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thanks for the answers everybody! guitarfetish seems like a pretty cool site, I got some pickups from there just a few days ago for another guitar of mine, just curious to see if they live up to the expectations :-)