Hey guys, first post i've made on this website haha, sorry if it's in the wrong section, just direct me to where it should go.

Okay, i've been playing guitar for about a year, nearly 2, I think i'm alright.
But I want to start consistently practicing and learning sweeps, arpeggios and all that jazz.

I was just wondering if anybody would be able to tell me some good solos and things which are at an intermediate level that I can practice and eventually work my way up.
Something rock/metal preferably, but I don't mind too much.
well, the 1st arpeggio/sweep i ever learned was from suicide silence-no pity for a coward. it might not be the best but it's not very fast, it's a 5-string sweep, and it was definitely fun to learn(though a total pain in the ass). it might be easier to start with 3-string sweeps though; although, i can't think of any off the top of my head though lol.
I will try that now! I've already began to learn some 3 string sweeps, major, minor and diminished ones.
Thank you!

EDIT: It's played on a 7 string, but I can still practice it!
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The whole of Premonition by Joe Satriani off his latest album is mildly challenging, but not to a difficulty that you would expect of a virtuoso. Pretty doable I think. It probably helps that it sounds pretty cool too.

Edit: I should have read your post more carefully. Didn't realize you asked for practice on arpeggios.
Arpeggios, sweeps, not to specific, anything 'solo-ey' hahaha :P I will give it a listen though!