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I was playing my bass guitar in marching band and it was snowing. I knew it was bad, but I got home and played it, and it was fine. A couple months later, I was playing at a basketball game, and it stopped working. I assumed it was the 9-volt battery, so I replaced it, but it still doesn't work. It's been a over a full year and I haven't taken my bass to a repair shop yet, I'm not sure that it's not the battery, because I got an old one, but I'm almost certain it was the snow getting in the pick ups.

Need some help. Thanks.
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just to be sure, try another battery. if that doesn't work just take it to a shop. it will reduce the risk of you damaging any of the wiring if you try and have a tinker yourself. i'm assuming after a year the snow would have melted so there might be some rusting in some place or another, but yeah take it to a shop rather than fiddling around in there yourself.
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This almost looks like a wind up. If your bass worked the day after the snow it wasn't the snow. You have a battery in there that you think might not be working and you haven't changed it yet? Try a battery in something else to check it is working then try it in your bass. Try swapping leads too. If it isn't working then off to a tech with it.
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Quote by Spaz91
How exactly does one play an electric bass in a marching band?

In the front ensemble (pit) with the stand still percussion. Back in the olden days before that was allowed/the norm it was done on occasionally. You'd have your bass player, but there would also be a guy to cart around the amp and a generator to power it.
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