I haven't seen this subject approached on the site anywhere, so I'm asking:

I am thinking of building an electric guitar from a kit, mainly just for something to do. I have no experience in guitar building, and little in wood working. I do have experience in wood furniture finishing and restoration, which I'm guessing would help a bit. I know how to solder.

Is this worth doing, or is it a waste of money? I'd love to hear everyone's opinions and/or recommendations on the subject.
Ive done it. I dont think its a waste of money at all. That said, depending on where you get your kit, your project may be great, or may be a headache. I got an ebay kit, pretty cheap. Ended up having to make many mods to it, and so many of the parts were cheap, so I ended up spending a bunch to upgrade everything. (trem, pups, nut, electronics, truss cover etc.)
If you go through warmoth or something, thats not worth it in a different way. Everything they do is so good that it wont be too much of a project for you, just assembly.

If you just want building experience, get the cheapest kit you can find that has reasonable woods. If you want a custom quality guitar, sourcing parts from warmoth or a luthier will likely yield a better end product. Either way, be ready for more time and more expense than you expect.
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I haven't seen this subject approached on the site anywhere, so I'm asking:
Seriously? This question gets asked here regularly, like once every couple of weeks or so. Granted the forum search tools can be frustrating, but even so a quick search in this forum for "kit build" reveals:

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So there's three pretty good matches in the last month alone. A little further digging will turn up people ask pretty much exactly the same question.

Anyway, not to get on your case too much, in a nutshell:
Kits vary in quality - you get what you pay for.
Your skills will be a factor - if this is your first time, expect ****-ups, although as ohaple has said, many kits are pretty much bolt it togeth and play - not a lot to do.
It's not necessarily a cheap way of getting a high quality guitar (certianly not the first one) but it is a lot of fun.

Another way to go is get a "Project Guitar" from Ebay. You bring back to life a guitar that needs restoration. You get better parts to start with maybe. I've built a few.
Here are a couple of other considerations. How's your temper? Do you throw tools or have high expectations about your finished guitar? Do you finish projects, or quit when the challenge gets too much? Can you self educate and motivate? It would be a waste of money if you buy all the parts and they end up in the closet.
Start simple. Your chances of finishing a simple one pickup guitar is better than that of building a three pickup five way switched monster.
Get a good book on guitar setup and building. Learn to read wiring diagrams.
Good luck.
My cheap kit from BYOG.com was pretty crappy. I'm building it into something(at a very slow pace), but it needed fretwork and had woodfiller on the top.

You want a good quality kit, you're gonna spend more than double what I spent.