Hey guys,

I have a Taylor 414CE Ltd and absolutely love it, however with my current Dunlop Capo, no matter what fret I put it on it just makes the A string dead. No note comes out, just a thud. It was like it on my previous guitar too so can't blame it on the guitar, but the capo. Do you think it's the capo too? If so, what are the best/most highly recommended capo's, especially for Taylors?

I have 2 G7th's capos that i use for my guitars. the "performance " and "nashville" models. personally i dont think they work a whole lot better than my much cheaper Keysor capo. they dont seem to pull the strings out of tune as badly, but that's a very slight difference to begin with.
nice guitar that 414ce LTD. talked to a guy Tues that has one. he loves his.
These are excellent as well:

Here's the rest of the "family". http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search.jsp?Ntt=planet+wave+capo

With this type of capo, you can apply only as much tension as necessary to quiet the buzz, and hence you get less pulling out of tune than you would with a Kyser.

OTOH, none of them can be clipped onto the headstock of your guitar, and that makes them a twitch inconvenient for a live gig.

The Kyser models are excellent and I have a couple of them. However, their (alleged) "12 string capo", won't quiet the buzz on any 12 string I've tried them with. I use them with my 6 strings with great success.

The standard model Planet Waves, works equally well with 6 & 12 string guitars.
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The old Hamilton has a flat bar if I recall so that may be the problem-that or a flat spot worn into the plastic. Change to a capo with a curved bar which better matches the radius of your fingerboard. I use the G7th-expensive, but then so was your guitar! Another good choice is the Planet Waves NS or NS Lite capo, as previously mentioned. Both are adjustable for pressure.
Don't scrimp on a cheap capo-and don't buy a Kyser 'Death Grip' model unless you like constantly re-tuning your guitar!
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We recently did a survey on the Acoustic Guitar Forum and the Shubb products came out on top.
They too are adjustable so you apply just enough tension to fret the strings properly without pulling them sharp.
Sounds like yours indeed has a dead spot... I'd chuck it and pick up something better.