Hey there all.

I'm new here and I've just picked up my guitar from its 10 year slumber. I want to get back into playing some songs but I'm kinda fresh.

I'm starting to practice The National's - About Today but while I learn this i'd like to get started on Cathey's Mine for Keeps. Wonderful song.

Linking is apperently forbidden. You can find the song on Groove Shark if you're so inclined lol.

Could some one help me build tabs for it? When I get better I'll help out others.

I'm doing this for a girl btw. and thank you for your help!
Well, till I get better and am able to tab it myself. I'll be learning other songs. Figured out how to play about today, just one damned f chord is really tough but i'll keep at it. Now to decide whats next, thanks for taking the time to read!