I am drunk, stoned and heart broken, aiight - Nothing to do with anyone of you (UG), but still.

and, taking a Slash (I am really drunk) {urinating), I just remembered that I play guitar and that I have a Gibson Les Paul! -- And then, washing my hands (with the hot tap/faucet giving cold and thinking this thread idea up I remembered I have Seymour Duncans put in my guitar too;
Who the Hell am I!?


You ever had anything just dawn on you be it in a state of mind that's distracted or whatever?
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look nigga, if you're chillin with 5 bros and 2 hos, you're gonna wanna pay attention to all of em equally. not moon over the hos forever and laugh at every shitty thing they say and just stare at them all night, like some of my mates do.
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ya man, its like oh shit and then ur totlaly relazzed
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On the come up we were listening to Grateful Dead and the music started passing through my bowel and out my arsehole as this violet stream of light. I shat music. It was beautiful.
I just realized that this thread is rubbish.
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Piano dick had some good parts, but should have said "As the business man slowly gets boned", would have accented the whole dick feeling of the album
I had one the other week where I just suddenly realised I was drunk, stoned, barefoot and completely lost by myself in a town I'd never been to before on a monday afternoon.

Luckily I was too inebriated to get too panicky and aimless wandering eventually took me back to somewhere I recognized,

good times.
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If God didn't want people to be gay why did he put a G spot in our asses?
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wy is yer mad at muy gramhar fer?

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jimmybanks youre a genius.

aparently i ar smrt?
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jimmybanks youre a genius

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Being TS would be a fate worse than a vegetative state

I've come to accept trebor, There was chung and GodHimself and represent and countless others, every forum needs it's resident buffoon and better the devil you know.
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If God didn't want people to be gay why did he put a G spot in our asses?
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I love that. I really really love that.
There's nothing left here to be saved
Just barreling dogs and barking trains
Another year lost to the blue line
I took acid once and realized btbam is the best metal band ever. I also thought i was gonna get shot, raped, in a car accident, drown myself from drinking a cup of water, that my mom was my grandma fysed with my music teacher, my dad was jerking off while telling me to watch alice in wonderland, that astral projection is quite possible, weed is amazing, water is amazing, and that i dont like dick in my butthole because im not gay
I'm not actually a potato

I realised it about a month ago, Life hasn't been the same since
It's over simplified, So what!

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I'm going to be on top of what is called a knob
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Big ones can be fun in some ways but generally, they are a pain in the ass.
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I don't know what is going on in this thread or why I have an erection.