Just a question about the zw emg set . It comes with solderless gear , so 4 connectors , 2 tones , 2 volumes, 2 connectors for the pups , a bus/ where you plug everything into , a jack, and a battery connector.

I have a ibanez rg3exfm1 it has a 5 way switch , 1 tone and 1 volume. The 1 tone and 1 volume and bus all connected should be easy but the 5 way is confusing for me. I was thinking about buyin a solderless 3 way by emg but that seems like it will cancel out the bus , and I haven't found any diagrams of how to connect the 2 , or if ill need to get extra connectors? So does anyone have any ideas or a video explaining how to put it all together?

Video of Rob Turner installing these into a les Paul .
EMG - Zakk Wylde Install with Rob Turner - YouTube
18 mins
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Never mind I figured it out I'm gonna get a 3 pos strat switch that is solderless from emg and hook it up with the solderless pups.
That's what you should do, the solderless emg wont work in a 5-way switch
Actually you can make them work—you can use as much or as little of the 'solderless' system as you want—but there's just not much sense in using anything other than a 100% solderless system since they make various switches for it which cut out the need to use the buss, saving you space.
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