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Whats you take on your favorite intro? I like van halens you really got me solo at the start, What about you? - thats just one, okay?
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By that i meant, you really got me van halen was just on I could think of, I like a tons of intros, Just saying one though.... (if you get my drift)
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... I also like, the black dog intro, led zeppelin tend to put on it live,
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"The Pot" by Tool, of course.

The intro tracks on every Coheed & Cambria album... if that counts.
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Thanks for triple posting TS. Real smooth.

I really enjoy Whole Lotta Love's intro.


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Voodoo Child by Hendrix is pretty sweet and the original Voodoo Chile with the vocal and guitar harmony.
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It's all too much - The Beatles, basically it starts off slow and then kicks right into this upbeat section before dropping off into the trippyish verse.
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This sounds pretty cliche, but Thunderstuck by AC/DC. Whenever I hear that I just get so pumped up, you just know its gonna be a wild ride!
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What Adam said.

Judas Priest - The Hellion is also a classic.
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Hard to say.
To me, it's obviously a Iron Maiden track.
So maybe "The Trooper", there is a lot of concurrence.
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i would say the drum intro on the van halen song hot for teacher.
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sorry Got that wrong, I meant eruption...... I listen to the song eruption then you really got me... it sounds cool like that... and i thought that it was the intro... bla bla bla.... sorry... my bad
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Rolling Stone's can't you hear me knocking

Just gets me every time
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Sweet Jane - Lou Reed off Rock and Roll Animal
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I second that Burn post up there! That is just an epic intro in my book. Also I really enjoy the intro of All Along the Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix version). Not very epic, but just sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the song right there.

Btw, I'm new here, and a fan of rock and metal. Just want to say "hi!".
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its not musical but "The Number Of The Beast" is my fav. When i first heard it (walkman headphones), i thought that god was speaking to me. I was about 10
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Quote by ajelvis456
i would say the drum intro on the van halen song hot for teacher.

First of all: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Second of all: The Entire Hot For Teacher Song is epic ( If You haven't heard it (Which would be pretty sad).... GO LISTEN TO IT!!)
Third of all: NOW!!
Fourth of all: The epic Stairway to Heaven intro is the most classic thing you can get
Fifth of all: If you haven't heard Stairway to Heaven, then you have had a sad life