So my bass player has an Electro Harmonix big muff, which i have played around with and i really like it. I guess i kind of want to recreate the tone from Tame Impala, and i think Kevin Parker uses one of those blue dunlop fuzz faces. Anyway, what do you believe to be the better fuzz all round? Big muff has a sustain knob, which leads me to believe i would have more control over the pedal, but i have never tried a fuzz face. Just curious on peoples opinions! Peace
I prefer the Muff, but find it useless in a live band situation. It's awesome for stuff at home or recording though. If you want the Tame Impala sound, I guess you'd better go with the Fuzz Face.

Try other stuff as well, there are hundreds of fuzz pedals to be found.
I don't think the bass player from -tame Impala plays with fuzzface.You will most likely get better served if you can find a Russian Green Muff version, or someone that builds you one.
One that I have built for my bass andsounds good is the Jumbotonebender which is pretty much a bigmuff workalike that rules on bass.
Now, from my perspective, to get the sound of Tame Impala, just get a bass that sounds like an hofner and then tubes amp(SVT I believe).A good pedal that will capture the essence of this amp is the Catalin Bread SFT.
I really do find the Fuzz Face to have a particular tone. It's fuzzy, but also buzzy. I really don't like it. I think it sounds awful.

I've owned a couple and I just can't get on with it. It does seem to divide opinion.

Personally I love the Big Muff. It's huge, warm and creamy.
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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

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get a big muff clone that has control over the mids. scooped for rhythm, then turn them up for leads.

I don't think he'll be leading with the bass ))
As I interpret it: he used the bass muff the bassist had and he wants a fuzz pedal for guitar now. Would seem to be a valid assumption since Kevin Parker plays guitar in Tame Impala, not bass.
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i don't think he's buying it for his bass player

oups,my bad.well,anyway the Sound of his fuzz is very mushy.perhaps a tonebender ii workalike will vive Good. resulta.bit then,a Good. valve AMP will make the bigger difference when using a fuzz.if you do Go fuzzface try with germanium transistors.
You can also try one of the Big Muffs with the tone/wicker options to add a little bit more versatility. I picked one up with a cracked solder joint for a steal and been loving it.
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Muffs tend to be smoother (due to scooped mids) and Fuzz Faces tend to be more raunchy. I like FFs for leads and more classic rock type stuff, and Muff for chords and more modern, indie kind of stuff.
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Unless its electronic drums.

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get a big muff clone that has control over the mids. scooped for rhythm, then turn them up for leads.

This, plenty of muff clones have control over the mids, and sound awesome.

Personally I've never gotten on with a fuzz face.
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Thanks for the opinions guys, I think I'll try my hardest to find a fuzz face I can try before I buy anything...