So I've decided to try heavier strings I've always used hydbrid slinkys or super slinkys but now I have regular slinky (10-46). Its not a huge deal but

My question is will I have to do anything to my guitar since these are heavier strings? I've heard maybe I need to adjust the truss rod but how would I know what is good?

Also I had my guitar set up my a guy and its perfect for me and I also don't wanna ruin the set up he gave me so is there any chance there will be like buzz or some other problem that would throw my setup off?
You might have to adjust the truss rod, you might not. Is it a hard tail guitar?
How heavy are you planning to go? You may have to adjust the truss rod, as Rooster pointed out, but if it's only another gauge higher it may not be an issue. You may have to tweak the action and make sure the nut is set up to take heavier strings. I'm of the opinion that the truss rod is the last thing to tweak if you aren't experienced with it. That said, if you switch and the action sucks and the intonation is off, you may think about it.
is there any way you can measure the neck relief before you put the new strings on (unless you have already), so you have a point of reference should the heavier strings make the neck bow a little more?
Happiness is a warm Vox AC30
it's less likely to buzz with heavier strings as they increase the bow some, if anything.

i've not had to adjust guitars when only going one step up in string gage, but that's not to say you wouldn't have to.

there is a chance you could get some binding in the nut on the lower strings if the nut isn't cut wide enough, but that's a rare chance too.