i just found out (5 minutes ago) that you're not supposed to connect a head to a cab with a guitar cable.
i bought a Peavey Valveking some time ago and i've always connected the head to the cab with a pedal connector.
is it really that bad, i haven't had any problems but i'm starting to get a little worried i'll break it.

so after this i decided to look for a speaker cable
but why are they all so long?
the distance between the in- and output is only 1 ft but the shortest cable i found was 5ft
i dont want a massive amount of cable lying around that why i used a connector because it's just the right lenght

if anyone knows the real answer to this please let me know.

Well the instrument cable is the wrong size wire, way too small to handle speaker current.

Lots of people make that mistake. I had one on one of my amps for 4 years. I just never played loud the so current wasn't enough to fry it.

If you have a tube amp and the cable goes open or short then it can damage your output transformer.

SS amps- it can hurt it has well, however they really aren't as sensitive.
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regarding the length you can normally get 1 metre/~3ft speaker cables without too much bother...
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both have 3 footers

A little extra length is nice if you're putting your head somewhere not on your cab, putting your cab on it's side so it's not on it's casters so the input could be further away, or just because not every person's stack only has a foot in between the output and inputs.
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On bedroom volumes it will work but its not recommended. When you crank it, let alone gig volumes, worst case scenario is that the cable melts becaise its hairthin and unable to handle the current going through. If you are using tube amp it will go boom. SS amp will also if the cable shorts and not just cut.

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just get a shitty green or brown extention chord, cut it to length u need, soldier your jacks to it, voila! instant 14gauge speaker cable! just make sure its not wired backwards or your speakers will call your congressman. lol
My speaker cables end up hot to the touch after I've been playing for a while. I'd blow the crap out of an instrument cable. I pretty much dime a 60W tube amp though, that's a fair bit of juice.
I make mine out of mains extension cables too. Cheap source of good quality copper that will handle the current without issue. I use them for everything, including PA leads. They are robust enough to walk on and have lasted for many, many years.
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