Hello, I am new to the forum and I have a question relating to guitar values.

I have a Peavey USA model Wolfgang that I purchased new about 15 years ago. I have a couple guitars and I don't get to play much anymore so the guitar is still in near mint condition. I know that guitars are not really much of an investment unless it is something really rare or special but when the EVH model came out and the price for the Chinese version starts at $1200 and the USA version starts at $3000 I thought for sure that my USA Peavey would be worth at least close to what they went for new in mint condition. I have no intention of selling it, good thing because I have been following what they sell for on Ebay and on this forum and it seems like the going rate is $600 - $800. I found one pat. pending model that went for $1700 but I think it was a custom shop finish. Are the EVH models that much better and if not is the Peavey version just the best deal out there for an American made guitar?

I know the quality of the Music Man is above the level of the Peavey but when they quit making the Music Man, I really wanted one and I spotted a used one at Guitar Center for $1800 but I had just got married at the time and could not afford it. Several years later I bought the Peavey and I love the guitar and thought for sure when they quite making it that it would at least be worth what I paid for it.

My guess is that it is just a niche guitar and somewhat unknown so between that and a tough economy it just does not hold the value of a more well known guitar. I would like to hear others opinion on the subject and I am curous what a used EVH model is going for. If I bought one new today for $3000 is it going to be worth $1000 tomorrow?

they depreciate, there is no two ways about that. (that is one reason that some people prefer to buy used, especially those who resell their guitars more frequently than you do).

check the completed ebay listings for the year of your guitar, exact model etc.

that should give you an idea of what they are selling for anyway.
no guitar will be worth what it was when you bought it new (except vintage, etc). I bought a USA wolfgang standard a few months ago for $500. I got really lucky but I haven't seen them sell for over 1k used.
Custom guitars, vintage amps, boutique pedals. Blah, blah, blah.
The Peavey Wolfgang is a great guitar, but like has been said Guitars depreciate for years and then will slowly climb in value (to an extent)

Peavey USA made guitars are insanely cheap second-hand, I can get used USA made peaveys for $200 in great shape. The Peavey Wolfgang models typically go for $600-$900 in really nice shape. I have seen the prices slowly starting to rise in the last 1-2 yrs
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