This song is definitely melodic metal as far as the scales and structure goes (IMO at least). The "epic" quality is really just me thinking it sounds epic, but it could just suck, I don't know, hah.

The drum parts, while not the best I've written, seem to fit for the most part, but once again this could just be because I've listened to it over and over again.

Specifically, bars 31-58 (the first verse riff) is filled with "meh" drums, they just kind of get the job done. At bars 277-280 I tried to throw in a massive fill, but I feel like it sounds kind of awkward.

Can anyone help me out with the drums during these sections? Also crit the song as well please!

C4C As usual. Ignore the song title, it's just that I was in Texas at the time I was writing it
texass one.zip
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Sounds a bit too much like Mychildren Mybride for my tastes (LOL) but I guess otherwise me gusta
What are you talking about? The drums suck? I think they are awesome! Especially durng the part where you think they were just "meh". The riff during that part is really good too. I like how you ended it, with the lead part building up between bars 265-280. Honestly at first bars 59- 80 didnt suit me, but later on during the song it clicked with me. I think that you did a very good job here.

If you'd be so kind as to review my latest song (song11), it would be appreciated

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thanks dude

yeah i don't know, the drums just seemed too simplistic, usually I love to add tons of detail but I felt like I just threw in something that worked "well enough".

Anyway, crit on yours coming later today