Hello everyone.

Hope I haven't broken any rules here, sorry if I have, I can post these separately if need be.

I've recorded a few cover videos to try and get some interest for my own music, and thought you might be interested to view them:

'Juice' - Steve Vai http://youtu.be/farCNWvdoo0

'Kill the Guy with the Ball' - Steve Vai http://youtu.be/nRfQD5rZaHE

'The Boy from Seattle' - Steve Vai. http://youtu.be/DSYyVi2srqg

'Midnight Express' - Nuno Bettencourt. http://youtu.be/VMSLpjXCEKY

'Surfing with the Alien' - Joe Satriani. http://youtu.be/ERc52qKX6K0

'Summer Song' - Joe Satriani. http://youtu.be/BHik6q1sjfs

'Midnight' - Joe Satriani. http://youtu.be/mNRLzTDJlUQ

'Tears in the Rain' - Joe Satriani. http://youtu.be/eOuhhVh3KsE

'Drifting' - Andy McKee http://youtu.be/QixZBflW0zI

There are loads of other videos on there including some of my own and some piano videos, hope some of you enjoy them! 'Like' on Facebook if you can