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Hello everyone.

Hope I haven't broken any rules here, sorry if I have, I can post these separately if need be.

I've recorded a few cover videos to try and get some interest for my own music, and thought you might be interested to view them:

'Juice' - Steve Vai

'Kill the Guy with the Ball' - Steve Vai

'The Boy from Seattle' - Steve Vai.

'Midnight Express' - Nuno Bettencourt.

'Surfing with the Alien' - Joe Satriani.

'Summer Song' - Joe Satriani.

'Midnight' - Joe Satriani.

'Tears in the Rain' - Joe Satriani.

'Drifting' - Andy McKee

There are loads of other videos on there including some of my own and some piano videos, hope some of you enjoy them! 'Like' on Facebook if you can