I'm writing a concept EP about a girl who gets brutally murdered and then she comes back and kills the family who killed her and I've been called upon to write a song about a father going into his daughters room, tying her down, cutting out her vagina with a razor blade, and brutally raping her. Sounds so cheerful. I dont know where to begin, Help me please.
I can only begin to imagine the lyrics for such a song. Personally, I start with the music: Imagine the sort of sounds you're going for and start with a riff/chord progression that you can build on.

Lyrically, I would start where the song starts... maybe describe the razor blade the father is holding. It's all personal preferences though. Sometimes, I find a workng title can help focus the lyrics too. Something simple like "Razor" or "Cut Off" for example. The former is a key part of the story but needs the rest of the lyrics to be explained, whilst the latter has a double meaning in the form of the murder weapon and the idea of cutting out a member of your family. Just some ideas to get the ball rolling!
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