My Epiphone G400 currently has 10-46 strings on it, as it had when I bought it about a year ago. I often find that the low E string has two problems. First of all, tremolo picking on the lower frets is almost impossible to get consistent because of how loose the string is. The second problem is that playing any E chords that involve the lowest string sounds out of tune because the combination of Gibson scale length and the fairly light string gauge makes the a heavily played open E note "slide" into the right note rather than starting on it. This is not an issue of tuning or intonation or anything, it is simply that the string is too loose for heavy playing. So, I have a vague understanding of how these things work, I decided to go up a string gauge. Knowing that that can cause problems, I asked someone at a local guitar shop about it (who definitely knows his stuff) and he said I shouldn't go higher than 11s for the sake of my lead playing (given my laziness, this is probably true) and that I wouldn't need any setup to go to 11s. I have a spare pack of 10-52s, however, which I'd quite like to use, and which'd be more likely to solve the problem than 11s. When asked about this a couple days ago, the same guy said I shouldn't need any setup to go up to 10-52. Since this is quite a big jump, I'd like a second opinion to make sure.

The important bit:
Do I need any kind of setup (Nut, intonation, action?) to change from 10-46 strings to 10-52 or can I just stick the 10-52s on next time I restring? The guitar has fairly slim set neck, if that matters.
Any difference will be minimal. Put the strings on and see how it plays, then decide if you need a set-up or not.
You should know how to set up your guitar. If you don't, it's time to learn. Not being able to set up your guitar is like a carpenter not knowing how to sharpen a chisel. It's part of the craft.
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yeah man not really. check your intonation which might move slightly.

the change might also move the neck slightly, which would require a miniscule movement of the truss if that happens. a similiar effect of weather / climate changes.

do you ever notice when the temp drops or gets hotter and you have yet to change your heat / air in the house, pick up your guitar and it slightly flat or sharp?

wood moves.

you can also try 9-50s. they do make em for example the GHS david gilmour custom set. 11's for lead? well thats a personal thing. SRV played 13s. on the other hand, billy gibbons uses 8's on his gibson. so there are no rules. preference.

i dropped from 10-52s to regualr 9s and i like it better for leads, but dropped D etc gets too slack. i am very interested in setting up some 9-50s or something of the like.

can you say 100% custom?
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