I assume you're the guitarist, but to be safe I'll comment on everything.

Guitar - Tone is pretty good, playing seems pretty spot on. I didn't hear many mistakes, solo was well constructed, good timing and sense of rhythm.

Bass - Really nice bass tone, though it's hard to tell from the quality of the camera. Some really good playing here, sometimes the rhythm is lost but for the most part keeps it tight.

Drums - I'm not a drummer, so all I can really say is that when you have the groove you sound pretty good, but there were a few spots where it seemed like you didn't follow the changes or perhaps did not anticipate them coming and sounded off beat.

As a trio you guys sound really good when you get going, just a matter of making sure everyone is on the same page as you jam. Good job!

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thanks a bunch man, this was recorded at the end of a 6 hour jam session so that explains the hiccups in the video, i always forget to get the camera going before were all tired and sore, i appreciate the points you brought up, and yes i am the guitar player, check out my youtube channel if you want to hear more, -------->https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGarglepuss