For those who haven't seen and/ or heard of it


I've recently begun watching this show, and it's good, but I can't see how they plan to make more than a season out of it. Very unique plot and storyline, relative to most poetry of Edgar Allen Poe.

Anyone else watch it?
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It's not a bad show. I really liked the first 2 episodes and have been more "meh" about it as it's gone on.
I don't follow
It's over simplified, So what!

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I really like it. I agree that there's no way they can make more than one (good) season out of it, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

It's already been renewed for a second season anyway
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God dammit. It'll go way down hill if they try to draw the storyline out that long. And I don't see how they could introduce a new storyline either. The antagonist/protagonist are way too intertwined to have any other antagonist.
Agreed, And it's not like they can make every single character in the show someone working with the antagonist to further extend the life of the story. That's just bad writing.

That's probably the most likely direction though..
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