I'm new and I don't know much about forums much so excuse me if I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, I've been playing guitar for about a year now and I know pretty much the basic chords the name of the notes I play etc. But I am not very good at playing fast or hitting single notes accurately. I know some solos such as Nirvana solos like Sappy and About a Girl(They aren't to fast or complicated). I would really like to play solos that are fast and melodic. Can you tell me how I can become better as in which songs should I try to play first or any exercises that can help me on my picking(I don't know how to alternate pick super fast on one string).
We'll what I did was go to all-guitar-chords.com, where they have a scale database, then I went to youtube and just improved using a scale that fit. Its a lot of fun and mistakes will happen but if you keep doing it you'll get better. Try different things like tapping, vibrato, whammy bar if you have one, alternate picking. If you learn the chord progression then you can make something melodic using the appropriate scale and hitting notes in time with chord changes can help.
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Check out the techniques thread, lots of great info in there, also the stickies
Get a looper pedal, or software equivalent. Loop progressions and just make crap up while getting used to certain movements and phrases. Learn solos by bands you like, look at the shapes and patterns and apply them in different keys and different locations over your own progressions.

Every solo I play in an original song (indie/pop rock) is an amalgamation of the small pieces of the 50-100 solos I've learned in my life, all adjusted into the proper key in different rhythms. Use your ears while playing other people's solos, find little passages you like and keep playing them until they come from your fingers instead of the way they were originally played. You'll barely recognize that you're doing it eventually, because it will just be your fingers playing what your ears want to hear.
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The way I started learning solos was to choose a solo I liked, for example lets say the sweet child of mine solo (first one I learnt), and I split it into small sections, and learnt it section by section. Learning it like this was kind of like learning loads of separate licks, and it helped me progress so much as a guitarist. I'd practice a section every day until I could play it, and then move on to the next, gradually building the solo up.

Another thing, was learning scales, and jamming along to backing tracks. This is great because you start to see how other guitar solos use the scales, and you'll find certain licks in songs that are evidently part of certain scales, and you can use them in your own solos when jamming to backing tracks. First scale I learnt was the minor pentatonic, probably like many other guitarists, as it's used so much in so many rock songs. Again learning this scale helped me progress so much. It's a really simple scale and easy to learn, and easy to play to backing tracks once you know it and a lot of fun.

One thing I would say though, is try to figure out licks by ear. One thing I wish I had done earlier as a guitarist is learn more by ear. Also, although it's not always bad, try not to rely on YouTube to learn songs too much. You don't learn as much from that as you would by learning it by ear or from music/tabs.

Good luck!
Thanks for the info although it kinda seems harder to learn solos and scales that it was to learn chords, I learned the blues scale yesterday and I see the connection. Thanks guys.