It's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I was bored tonight waiting for a friend so I thought I'd pump out a quick cover of 'Jumper' by Third Eye Blind. Latency issues abound, and I wasn't going for a particularly faithful cover, so I threw in some random noodling and harmony (Your mileage may vary on whether it adds or takes away)

Anyway, check it out, song is on my profile, give me your opinion and I'll take a look at whatever you'd like!


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I'm not in college, but i'd imagine the parties like the ones I just downloaded...

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vagelier and PinkFender_69 are actually pretty dope
Hey, one of those people is me!

Just hang on a second, I'll be back.
its nice there are a few issues with the timing here n there .... but saying it was a quick cover still sounds pretty good :P