Hey, all,

I'm looking into buying an acoustic here in the near future as I already have two Fender electrics and miss the sound and feeling of an acoustic. I've had previous guitars in the past, but not anything worth writing home about. Anyway, I'm preferably looking used as they're typically cheaper. My budget is $700-$800, but I'd prefer to keep it a few hundred lower. My last acoustic was an Ibanez PF5ece and that was about the fanciest guitar I've had (which isn't saying much).
Anyway, I'm looking for something with a warm tone, something that'd be good for D Standard. I've played my father's '49 Gibson J-45 and I loved it (though the odds of finding something that awesome again without selling a kidney is unlikely). I am from the La Crosse area in Wisconsin and my choices are pretty scarce concerning CL. There is a Larrivee OM-01 for $500 and a Martin DC16RGTE for $1000, but I cannot seem to find a whole lot of info on either of them. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
You said you liked your father's gibson. Try an Epiphone AJ or DR they have different variations of each model (100, 220, 500 etc..) so you can find one higher end or at a really great value. I have 100s of both (the lower end) but they both sound fantastic. I actually was talked out of a more expensive ibanez by a guy at the shop when he brought out the aj100. I fell in love with the tone before i even realized it was the sister guitar of the one i already had; the dr100 that was beat to shit by an ex girlfriend.

TL;DR Epiphone AJ or DR. Excellent sound per dollar.
I'm looking for something more on the high end. I'm not above Epiphone, but I'm not interested in their lower end stuff.
$7-800 (or less), will get you into mid-priced acoustics only. Try a Yamaha L-series. The LL6 is within your budget and is an excellent guitar. I've been playing various Yamahas for over 40 years and the L-series s their top of the range line. The very top, the LL86, will cost you north of $10,000.
if you were going with the yamaha L series, i'd go with the all-solid models. those start with a 1 after the L - that means instead of the LL6 you'd be looking at the LL16

the higher end epiphones are the masterbilt series. unlike the other epis, these are all solid and sound pretty good http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search.jsp?Ntt=masterbilt

the larrivee is pretty nice entry level larrivee. no bling, no binding but i hear it has good tone. the martin 16 series is very well respected and liked, with good tone. i'm not understanding why you need to know too much about the guitars - the bottom line, play 'em and check them over for cracks and other issues. if you love the tone of one of them, and it's in good condition, buy it.
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I just like knowing what I play. Ha. It's more of a personal preference than anything. As far as the OM-01, I've found some info on it: mahogany sides and back with spruce top, solid. I'm going to check it out Tuesday.