My band has been invited to headline an all day local metal event in our hometown. The show features 13 bands, and runs from 3pm to 1am.

As a band we kind of feel that playing the 10-11pm slot would be most beneficial for us, because the headlining slot runs from 12pm-1am. We're kind of worried about people leaving before we have a chance to go on.

We don't really have a huge following in this particular scene, so we're thinking that if we play the 10-11 slot, which is just before the biggest band goes on we'll have a better crowd.

what do you guys think?
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basically this is how it usually goes for a typical night at a bar:

Opening - No people at start, lots at end.
Closing - Lots of people at start, none at end.

In your situation the 10-11pm slot sounds about right.
That's a good slot IMO. Especially since this in an "all day" type of thing, a lot of people might show up around 8 or so and then stay for the rest. I couldn't imagine staying somewhere that long for a local show.
Definitely play before the headliners. The closer you are to them the bigger crowd you are likely to have, but if you play after, people aren't as likely to stay for your set. However, that 10-11 slot is probably pretty desirable to other bands as well. Try to get yourself in as soon as you can.
If you don't have a big following, why have you been asked to headline? If you don't who will? Going on last is crazy if you don't have the fans, unless you flier the thing all day and sweet talk EVERYONE. Nobody stays late for a band they don't know. How good are your charm skills?
Dude, where's my band?