I use 2 Basses for my Main Playing with my Band My 2011 Ibanex SR506 6 String with Active Electronics and my Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass. Both with Active electronics.

I play through a Line6 LD400 Pro with Upgraded Speakers to the Eminence Professional Series which can handle 1000 watts Continuous and 2000 Watts Peak.

Well When I am playing my Ibanez the I set the sound to be balanced with the band then when I plug my Fender in it seems to be much more hotter then the Ibanez

I do have a Volume Pedal on my Line6 Floor Board but I dont know if that it the answer

would you all recommend a compressor or something like that to balance out the Sound from Both Basses so while I am on Stage I do not need to play with the settings from the original bass. '' Any Help would be appreciated
Scott L Edwards

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The problem is that the J-Bass is louder then the SR506 when you switch (just making sure I get what you're saying)? Try fiddling with the controls on the basses themselves to see if you can get them at the same volume level when you plug in (for example set the amp at any random volume and leave it there. Switch between your basses, tweak the volume controls, do it a couple times until they both sound how you want them too.) If that doesn't get what you want, try the volume pedal. I'm not really sure how a compressor would help with this issue, but I guess I'd attribute that to perhaps a lack of experience with compressors. Perhaps someone else will have more ideas.
You just have to use your volume knobs on your jazz bass and roll them back a bit to level it with the other bass. The suggestion above to find the balance would work fine or use the volume pedal to lower the volume with the louder of the two.
I had the same problem with the 2 basses I used, an SR405 and another ibanez SR 4 string (never knew exactly which model but higher than a 4xx) the 405 had active EQ and the the 4 string had active pickups and EQ. The 405 was noticeably quieter as well. I used a BOSS GT6-B and just had different presets for each bass which by looking at your gear I'd think you could set up different presets with less volume on the J-Bass couldn't you?
Compressor isn't a good idea for this. To get them to a similar level you'll end up compressing the hotter of the two far too hard and making it sound bad/squashed. As for turning the volume down, I've always noticed on passive Fenders that turning the guitars output down and bringing the amps output up seems to negatively affect the tone. It almost sounds weaker, less top end, less nuance, and less dynamics. It's potentially just in my head, but I do recall reading others experiencing the same thing. With your bass being active this might be less of an issue anyway. Personally, I would just use two identical patches with the volume tweaked on one to suit.
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Well he did say they were both active basses. Another option is you can take a sharpie marker and mark on your master volume knob where it should be at for each bass which would allow you to just roll back or turn up the volume and now exactly how level it would be with the band.
have you thought about a line selector pedal? something like;
(a boss ls-2 line selector) allows you to connect two basses, switch between them with just the footpedal (no nasty wire unplugging) and has level controls.
Also as it's a boss pedal they'll be a lovely plastic behringer version if you just want to give it a try!
Try adjusting pickup heights, or alternatively, have a look at the preamps on both basses and see if they have and output level trimmer. Adjust that to get the volumes the same.
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#1 Test the Batteries for Voltage
#2 Check the Pup height
#3 Get a Graphic EQ Pedal with level control and use it for one of the Basses, Ilke the quieter one.

I had a Ibbie BTB455 which was noticeably quieter then my 456. I was thinking of taking the Preamp out and getting a new one, or switching them since I was not using the 456 much.

All I did is unplug the Preamp Chip set and re-inserted it, and it seemed to reset the Volume section. Now I practically had no use for the Boss EQ-20 having a preset for each bass.
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Thank You everyone for the tips. tomorrow I have Band practice so I will be trying some of these tips out My Guitarist just set the louder bass Master volume down until it matche the Ibanez tone and dont move it.

So my Idea is Have my Ibane set at full Volume then set up the AMP to balance out with the band then with my Fender just tone it down a little bit until it is balanced out.

I just did a setup on both basses and changed the battery in the Fender as it was dead which is weird because of this issue.

I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow
Scott L Edwards

My Gear:

Ibanez SR506 6 String Bass
Line 6 LowDown LD400
Line 6 Wireless System
Line 6 FBV Shortboard MK II