Just joined the site in search of some lead stuff to start experimenting with. I recently performed for the first time ever at a local coffee shop, had a blast, now I'm hooked. We just did some really simple covers, as I'm not too good. Wonderwall, take it easy, stuff like that. We've been invited back to play next weekend, but I don't know much. My friend, whom I play with, is pretty good on rhythm. I feel like playing lead I'll be contributing something. I really like Jack Johnson's guitar parts, if not his vocals, and would like to try something similar. I'm open to some rhythm suggestions to play as well. I mainly just need some stuff to beef my repertoire and hopefully teach me some new/obscure skills.
ack Johnson is an American folk singer, songwriter and musician, known for his laid-back tunes and acoustic stylings. Son of well-known surfer Jeff Johnson, the Hawaii-born Jack Johnson initially pursued a career in professional surfing.