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I saw some other thread here that mentioned Math Blaster and instantly nostalgia set in.

Tell me, Pit. What are some of your favorite old computer games (particularly those that had to played on MS DOS)?
Doom was good.
CAPTAIN COMIC! Oh shit Captain Comic was fun.

I remember tons more, I just can't think of the names.

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**** yeah. Any of you guys remember Blakestone?
That was me.

I am the reason behind your nostalgia.

Anybody remember this mother****er?


How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?



are the only ones I remember fondly.
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Duke 3D, Lode Runner, Command & Conquer, Prince of Persia, King's Quest. There were so many great games. Damn nostalgia...
I used to always go into the stores in Daggerfall, wait until after closing time, and just steal everything on the shelves. I thought I was cheating, but in retrospect, you could say I was just burglarizing the stores.
Doom was the only DOS game I had. I had Cakewalk for DOS though lol
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I've been looking for this one, but could never find it to download for use with an emulator.

I can't embed this

The game is Return to Zork.
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hahahahaha oh shit this is awesome.

This game took up a lot of my time.

There was a game I had that was all word based. It was just a series of situations and you had to type in the right answer to make it through the day. It's like "You wake up late for work. You find a construction crew here to tear down your house. Do you stay or escape?" Then you answer, and based on what you say it takes you to the next scenario. I wish I knew what the game was called because I bet I could beat it now.

STUNTS!!! I loved building my own tracks sitting in front of my 286
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damn it man, that game was awesome but I sucked balls at it
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There was a DOS version of Megaman X, does that count?
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I'm trying to remember the name of this one old DOS game.. It was a side-scroller, not unlike Commander Keen, except you controlled a little alien boy trying to find his parents.
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I've had the less ******ed of the two Chip's Challenge songs stuck in my head for the past 15 years.

Also Shadow of the Beast, Star Control, Moon Patrol, Golden Axe, etc.

Pretty nostalgic until you're actually playing one of these again, at which point it's like "why is this crap on my screen?".

must be great, I've had the MORE ******ed of the Chip's Challenge songs stuck in my head

I just had to download it, realized I couldn't play it on a 64 bit computer and then found this java version

Playing this made me realize how stupid most games are today. That game actually teaches critical thinking. I didn't really realize it as a kid but it really does
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I actually have a bunch of MS-DOS games on my mac that I play quite often.

Doom series
Duke Nukem Series
Heroes of Might and Magic II
Jazz Jackrabbit
One Must Fall 2097
Panzer General
Oregon Trail
Tomb Raider
Dune 2
Simon the Sorcerer
Fury of the Furries

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Jazz Goddamn Jackrabbit.
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Greatest game ever?

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God yes.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

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I didn't play too many of the games i've seen ITT so far.

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So you played Supernintendo and Atari instead of awesome MSDOS games?
Good for you.

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