I need some advice on a pair of humbuckers for an Ibanez RG3EXFM1. It has no pickups now. I just bought an LTD EC1000 w/EMG 81/60 set, and a Blackstar HT20 combo, so that's the amp I'll be using. The EMG's will satisfy my high output metal cravings, so I would like a set for the Ibanez to give me a different sound all together. A more mellow, classic rock, blues tone.

Here are the specs:
Basswood body w/flamed maple top
3 piece maple neck
Rosewood fretboard
fixed bridge
24 frets

I've used the "pickup selector" on the Duncan & Dimarzio websites to get some ideas, but I'd rather get input from people who have actually used some.
The DiMarzio PAF Pro is always a safe place to start.

Give us more specifics about what bands/songs have tones you'd like to achieve.
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It may not be a realistic range in tones to ask from one set of pickups (especially in such a lower end guitar) but more mellow rock tones like Santana, Edge, Steve Vai. Even a little dirtier like Angus.
youll want high output without the sterile sound of actives. PAFs or burstbuckers should dew
SD Pearly Gates maybe?
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I just had a guitar tech install a Suhr Aldrich in the neck and a JB in the bridge. The guy said you didn't need to replace the 25k pot with a 500k one and the tone is a little on the flubby side because of this. That being said, of what is shining through of the Suhr Aldrich, it is one of the warmest, clearest, and most harmonic pickups I've heard. I highly recommend them.
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