Short and sweet: Bought an American Standard in January. Love it to death, but I need to sell my old MIM now. Unfortunately, I have been unable to in spite of trying for about three months now.

It's a 2003, all stock outside of the springs. I also have a set of locking tuners sitting around I could slap on if the buyer is willing to pay a little extra. Very good condition cosmetically. It's even in a discontinued color, agave blue. Frets are worn, but as much as you'd expect from a heavily played, ten year old guitar.

Asking $300 for the guitar, hardshell, and tuners, $250 for just the guitar and hardshell. I've tried Craigslist, eBay, local ads, and emailing people I know who play. No luck. Am I overpricing or doing something else wrong, or is the secondhand market just quiet right now?

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Keep the original tuners on as modding the guitar devalues it. Make sure the guitar is as original as possible.

The fret wear is a serious bummer. Unless you get a luthier to dress the frets for you, don't expect very much money for the guitar. The worn frets are probably the reason why nobody is willing to buy it.
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$300 is definitely overpriced for secondhand MIM strats with fret wear in my area, I'll tell you that. I see them all day every day for $200 in awesome condition. $300 is more MIM tele prices. Dunno why the tele is worth more used, it just is. Probably scarcity.

You could try $250 and see if you get offers, but I know I wouldn't offer anything above $150 for a MIM strat with fret wear like you described. Most guitar players in the market for a MIM strat probably aren't looking for a heavily-played instrument they have to do work to.

I'm not saying your guitar isn't worth $300 in a better economy, but it's not a scarce or in-demand product and used prices are only going in one direction on these MIM fenders at the moment.
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I have noticed that the used market is a tad quiet right now. Everyone's already spent their tax returns, bud. Although, $250 seems like a more than fair price.
Pics of the fret wear?
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I doubt the fretwear is anything bad. I have 30 year old guitars with the original frets and they're still good to go.

Keep it stock and don't slap the tuners on. People aren't going to pay more just because you have a nice set of tuners. Sell the tuners separate if you really want to sell them.
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Don't advertise the worn frets. Their never as bad as people think. Mine were pretty worn out a month after buying. Or so I thought. Now it's ten years later and it still plays fine
i love that agave blue color! But the worn frets are a bit of a problem. Re-frets are not cheap. In fact, its probably cheaper to get a new neck.
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i love that agave blue color! But the worn frets are a bit of a problem. Re-frets are not cheap. In fact, its probably cheaper to get a new neck.

then you still need to level and crown the frets on the new neck.

One reason the Telecasters could be more expensive, I have a Mexican Standard Telecaster and it's Ash Body...so it cost more money then an Alder body Mexican Standard Telecasters...
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Id say just keep it for now or lower price to $200 and dont mention frets. Toss in tuners and case as extras. Used market is flooded...