Hey Guys,

What do you think of my guitar? Search IG Guitar on Kickstarter.

I spent the last 3 years creating it in Ireland. All comments welcome! Let me know what you think

A) No advertising.
B) That is the worst looking guitar that I have ever seen.
C) If I wanted to customize a guitar to fit my personalize, I would just get a custom from Carvin or a similar company that actually produces instruments with a reputation for creating quality custom instruments that don't look awful.

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Probably not comfortable to play. Sorry.

Good concept of changing those pictures/pickguards, but bad design (take it from a fellow-designer/art-person).

I don't think many would buy it.
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It literally looks like a penis.

I agree.

It looks awful, uncomfortable, and not desirable at all.
I wouldn't buy one, and i don't believe many guitar players would, doesn't matter how cheap it is.

The personalization feature seems vaguely interesting, but i've seen great DIY customization jobs over the years (actually, i'm almost finishing my custom work on my Strat), and they're not that hard nor expensive to do.
It's a matter of having the skills yourself or knowing someone who has them, and invest a little bit of time and money to personalize your conventional guitar to your taste. And the end result is much better than your concept of just swapping "backgrounds".

Don't get me wrong, i think you may be on to something here with the concept in general... But i think the execution is very poor and of bad taste.
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Playing all 5 "awesome sound" samples at once was more enjoyable than looking at this guitar. It looks like one of those noisy-ass tennis racket things you play with at the beach when you're three.
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So, so far we got penis and tennis racket.

It also looks like a golf club and a hockey stick.

It looks like half of a pair of sunglasses too.
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It looks like half of a pair of sunglasses too.

In the one picture where there are two of them it looks like a whole pair.


2. Unique Design: The Design is inspired by my favorite sunglasses. 3 years ago, I asked the question - 'How is this guitar going to be unique'. Amongst many others, I did a sketch of my favorite sunglasses in the shape of a guitar, and that was it!

Jay Seeney would approve.

Another look at the article tells me that TS did not proofread this shit. Grammar mistakes are understandable on your blog about your favorite sauces, but on a "professional" type thing like that? You should really at least try and look serious by not having tons of mistakes, TS.
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Looks like one of those Fernandes things but bigger
I've Made You A Drawing of a Giraffe Fucking an Elephant. Notice How His Moustache Looks Just Like Mine.

Your Mother's Got a Penis
Why do you want to make guitars not look like guitars?
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"Personalise" equalling changing the graphic on the body is a lame gimmick.

It should be about replacing the "plate" with different pickups, electronics, etc (hell, even make those mounted on wood and put that in the "frame" - imagine swapping out an alder SSS config with a maple HH config in a way that's piss-easy). THAT would have made this at least a product worth taking some note of.
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i thought you guys were ****ing with me when you said it looks like a ****, but god damn if that guitar isn't incredibly similar to the wangcaster.
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