I've been having trouble learning how to play, can't find any songs that are easy to play [to me atleast]
All I know to play is the begining of Sweet Dreams, Enter sandman and Carry on my wayward son [not much of it].

And all of I learned from a friend of mine, can't always bother him with that so yea..
can't get a teacher cause I can't afford it.

Any tips, suggestions, anything?
Song suggestions? [standard tuning]
playing classical guitar or playing acoustic guitar?
for classical, i'm the last one to help ya. if you're trying acoustic, try giving justinguitar.com a try. it'll help out immensely with the basics. your not gonna get anywhere just trying to learn songs right off the bat. that'll just hurt you a little further on.
post back with a better description of what your looking to do. the initial post is extremely vague. if your trying acoustic, what kind of music do you like to listen to?
if it's truly classic(al) that your having trouble with.. another helper will be along shortly i guess.
do you wanna play classical music or rock/metal music on a classical guitar?

if you want to play classical music - http://www.guitarist.com/classical/beginners/repertoire.htm
this is apparently a repertoire of songs for beginner classical guitar players
here's some kind of ebook which appears legit as i leaf through the virtual pages.

depending on how much of a "beginner" you are, you might be better off starting with things like twinle twinkle...

you will have to learn the correct way to hold a guitar, position your hands, correct fingerpicking etc.
if you're broke youtube works(im sorry i have no links), but nothing beats a real teacher.
i recommend you take the time to practice your fingerpicking technique(boring as the exercises may be) until it becomes second nature.
also, when you try to play the pieces, try to use the correct fingers on each fret. this may be very trying at first for rock/metal players cause of the way they use their thumbs and pinky fingerz, but its worth it. please look up youtube for guided explanations to songs or something, again sorry i have no links. agh.

finally, i recommend listening to classical music in general(vivaldi, bach, beethoven, mozart) and classical guitar players in particular(andre segovia, and to the guy below me, i dont mean idolise him,its just that i know only one). to be a player in a particular genre, you must start with the ear. you must teach your mind the basic tenets of the genre, its little ins and outs, its nooks and crannies. once your mind has wrapped itself around this genre, then you may express youself in it with the tools of your trade.

have correct posture and technique and practice like crazy to be a great classical guitarist, but have an attuned ear and a mind that is connected to the realm of classical music to be a great classical musician.

however, if you want to learn songs like enter sandman, and for reasons i cannot fathom, have bought a classical guitar to achieve your objective, pick up your favourite cd and learn everything by ear. if your favourite cd involves guitar playing so intense that picks of steel are required to handle the stress, i recommend iron maiden and ac/dc for some easy rock/metal tunes. iron maiden will teach you the basics of single note riffs, ac/dc will teach you how to use a power chord. they both will also teach you the minor scale and the pentatonic scale, two of the most important scales in rock/metal.
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Disregard 'Justinguitar' and just about every single online website/video dedicated to Classical Guitar technique. So many of them are truly awful despite garnering countless views and likes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3BfKQ0pelQ - watch this and related videos by the same guy for left hand technique.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1zlTyl74Bk - watch this for overall technique and useful exercises. Pumping Nylon is basically the guitar bible though there are other things that other teachers teach that are just as valid. Don't worry about that for now though.

Really, if you want to be a good Classical Guitarist, learning online will get you pretty much nowhere. Being a good Classical Guitarist (I'm talking about world-class) requires a good teacher, countless hours of dedication and work and the correct practice method which a good teacher will help foster. Those two videos I linked you are probably among the best possible ones to start you off on but there are many things that you need to know that will be missed because you don't have a real life teacher.

Also, contrary to the above post, don't 'ideally' familiarise yourself with just Segovia. It's good to listen to him and find out how much he contributed to the guitar repertoire but don't fall into the trap of idolising him just because of that.

Here's a few links of good players.









Of course, there's many more good players, but this is just to give you a bit of an idea of what the good players sound like.
after watching a few of those, i do believe i'm going to take up the clarinet instead of guitar...... again many thanks Xian for showing me once again my many fallacies
I'm definatly more into rock / metal rather than classical but I'd love learning other things.
I really wanted to learn Sadness and Sorrow in finger style :|
I learned the begining of smoke on the water [fairly easy] lol