We've heard it a thousand times about guitarists seeking that "tone" they hear in their head. That "God-like" tone that can never be achieved when realistically with all the gear in the world, it comes down to the simplest thing...your hands. Guitar strings, cables, pickups, the amp, speakers, cabinets, even the guitar itself affects your tone. No two guitars sound the same, but with equipment you can make it close. How many of you have found that "tone" in your head only to hear something new down the road? Do you enjoy when bands change their "sound"? Do you prefer active pickups over passive? I hope to start this discussion and help those of you still searching for that "tone" to find it if not start to helping you find it.
I have found my tone, it consists of a fuzz pedal a octave pedal pâté reverb and maybe some echo when I'm in the mood
The only issue here is that people confuse the term "sound" with the term "tone".You set up a certain gear rig (amp,pedals,racks whatever) to a certain sound.From the moment you start playing the sound translates to your tone.Unplug the guitar and without changing a thing plug it to your friends guitar and let him play...exact same equipment settings and sound but different end result cause there are different fingers involved so..different tone.

This is the reason why people say tone is in the fingers.Go up on stage with a shovel deck Satch for example while playing and continue playing with his gear....you ll still sound like you.If you wanna get close to someone dont bother with his gear that much but with his technique and even then you can only get a bit closer but never have the same exact tone.Neeever gonna happen .
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