i'm building a guitar and i want my bands logo displayed on it
HOWEVER i don't just wanna put a sticker on it
i want it to look like it's painted but i can't paint and don't know anyone who can
i know you can transfer images to wood but would this also work on a painted guitar
maybe someone knows a method to transfer an image to a painted and varnished guitar

please let me know

What I would do is speak to someone at your local signwrighter/graphics shop. Places like that can usually provide services that range from single colour vinyl decals to full colour digital printing on various media.

Get them to print it on as thin a material as they can, then put it on your guitar between colour and clear. You will need quite a few layers of clearcoat to blend in the edge of the decal then when its built up enough, wetsand it with a flat block and you should end up with a mirror finish with the logo underneath it.
If you want the image to last at all you should put it under some type of clear coat to protect it like sic6505 said.

You could look into this image transfer stuff

or you could send your logo to these guys and they can make you a really thin vinyl decal. I use them for my headstock signatures and they do really nice work.