I'm thinking of stepping up from my AC15C1 to an AC30, despite the volume increase. I'm noticing more and more that the AC15, while similar in tone, does indeed have noticeable differences in tone. The AC30 just sounds more powerful and less boxy to my ears. Even when not fully cranked, there is a more warm and powerful tone from the AC30 that the AC15 can't fully copy. I'm starting to feel like that bit of extra headroom is also something I'd prefer more in the long run. I'm just afraid that I couldn't control the volume in smaller rooms or practicing at home. My AC15 already gets loud enough to annoy people at times.
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The AC30C2 has a master volume IIRC, so you should be able to get it down enough, really.
I'd get the AC30 myself, but I don't have issues with volume at home.
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They both have master volume

AC30 is obviously going to be louder and bigger sounding and provide a lot more headroom. For bedroom playing, I've had both an AC30 and an AC15 and honestly, the 15 was so much more fun to play because you can hit that sweet spot without pissing the neighborhood off. With the AC30 you get the extra stuff like the high/low channels and FX loop.

Have you checked out the AC15C2? It's housed in the same cabinet as the AC30 and with 2 greenbacks and makes it sound much bigger.

The tone of the AC30 is unmistakable though, and if it's what you love, then there is your answer.
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The extra inputs and and the FX loop interest me (more amp overdrive and cleaner sounding time based effects). Also, the AC30 does indeed sound different than the AC15. I can't escape that. I feel like the AC30's natural overdrive is a bit more clear and powerful sounding than the AC15. They have similar enough cleans, but I prefer the overdrive of the 30.
Fender Telecaster
DeArmond M series
Vox Night Train 15 head w/Weber loaded 1x12
Ernie Ball Volume Jr
Joyo Sweet Baby OD
Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET
TC Electronic Nova Delay
Line 6 M5
those guys have it spot on. the master volume is the key to getting great tone at low volume and is the very reason I did not send my ac30c2x back. The volume it is capable of surprised me but as soon as I found that I could turn the regular volume or top boost volume up past half to 3/4(depending on how much dirt I wanted in the sound) and barely bring the master volume up from 0. I get great tones at better listening levels than I can with my Roland Cube 30 if you can believe that. the only, I repeat, the ONLY downside I see to the ac30 is the 75 pounds it weighs. I will never get rid of my ac30! and when no one is home you can rattle the walls with a few licks before the neighbors call the cops!
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If it gives you any sort of idea how well the AC30c2 can work at low volumes, I play mine in my dorm room, and I live next door to my RA. I get fewer noise complaints than my roomate does when he plays his Marshall Class 5.

And you are by no means off base on noticing a difference between the 30 and 15. A friend of mine plays an AC15. We played a show together and, interestingly enough, had strongly contrasting tones to the point that we didn't have to do anything to not sound like the same guitar.
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I haven't played an AC30, but for a small period of time I did own the AC15 CC2 (W/Alnico Blue). Don't get me wrong, the clean tone was bell like but also had a nice sparkle to it, but once you start to turn up the volume, the high frequency's become unbearable, and the tone controls were rather unresponsive.
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