Just got 2 new pedals.

Pics first!!!

Group Shot

So, I just got a big muff and a DD3. The guy on kijiji was advertising the big muff for $60 and the DD3 for $90. But I made him an offer of $130 for both and he accepted.

Short Reviews:

Big Muff: I love it. I have wanted a fuzz pedal and this thing is awesome. Does a nice heavy fuzz/distortion, but you can still hear the notes clearly. The only thing I don't like about it is the buzzing.

DD3: I don't use delay a lot, but I needed one for some of the stuff I play. I like this better than an analog delay because it doesn't have the high end roll off. (Which, most people like)

So, two pedals for $130.

Big Muff Power supply Question: Right now I am using a battery. What else can I use to power it other that the EHX Power supply? Like something that can attach onto my powersupply.

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Yep I had to buy one of those connectors for my Rat pedal. They just clip into the existing power jack.
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