I'm not totally new with guitar, but I'm into a lot of post-hardcore bands like pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, etc (if you're not into them, no need to bash). Anyway, there are a lot of rhythmic patters in some of the songs, and I can't seem to quite grasp them.

Here's a link to a song Im trying to learn, and if you go to :30-:44 seconds, thats the part that really gets me. I've never been to good with stuff like that, and im not sure if there's any tips you guys can give me on how my hand should be or how i should start out before going that fast or what? haha any suggestions would be appreciated.

[forbidden link]
Well the link didnt work. If you go to youtube, and type in "the first punch guitar cover" there should be a cover by the user named DistinctGuitar. And go to that part in the video, and thats the kind of stuff im talking about i suppose. haha thanks. (:
Use a Metronome.
Play slow until you can do it cleanly.
Practice with a drummer.
Do exercises with accents on the upbeat, as well as exercises involving triplet and gallop picking.

That's really the essence of metal rhythm guitar. The kind of technique that's on display in that video takes years of practice to develop.