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Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place, please let me know and I'll create a new thread in that specific part of the forum!

With that said, as per the title states I'm looking to create a guitar tone similar to that of Alkaline Trio in the VST Amp Sim world if you will...

The reason for why I'm asking for the help of UG is because I've been helping a local lad (from now on shall be known as the client) with the writing and recording an ep. He originally wanted a tone in the vain of biffy clyro (which I think I attempted okish haha!) but has since changed his mind and decided to try and head down this route instead...

When recording I set up 3 amps per side using GR5 and iirc I believe it is still currently an AC30, Soldano and a Marshall, dual tracking the main rhythm guitars. I haven't bouced them down as yet (so they are still technically 3 DI tracks per side) and I can also provide screenshots from the recording computer if needs be!

Below is the following information I've found from looking around the web and on a youtube video of the guitarist Matt Skiba showing his live rig.

Fender Supersonic? - Rumoured to have used this live before...

Orange Rockerverb 100 – Cleans?

Diezel VH4 (used on “Crimson” and “good morning” albums) – Huge Channel for the low end of the guitar?

Bogner Shiva – Main Dist.
Level: 11 o clock
Bass: 10 o clock?
Treble: 11 o clock
Gain 2: 8:30ish?
Bass: 9:30ish?
Mids: 10 o clock
Treble: 2-2:30ish?
Volume 2: 1-2 o’clock
M. Vol: 8:30ish?
Presence: 1 – 2 o’clock

Orange Cab (V30 speakers)

Boss DD3
Boss OC-3
Line 6 modeller pedals
Rocktron Hush noise gate

Les Paul Guitars - Allegedly Matt has also been known to use fender mustang guitars on some shows as well!

So generally to wrap things up, given the information I've provided what I would like to know is what are people's general idea's/suggestions for creating such a tone and what VST amp sims might be worthwhile using?

The songs and albums that the Client suggested to me was the following "From Here To Infirmary album. a song called bleeder and as ong called mercy me" - of course it doesn't have to be bang on the money cause I don't want to straight up copy it, but I'd like to get in that realm if I can...

Thanks all in advance - Cheers!
Ok, here's the thing. Unless you own his exact same gear and such, you will never get the exact tone that the guitarist from Alkaline Trio has. However, if you download some of the free effects and VSTs (check out Kjaerhaus studios free VTSs and VarietyofSound's free VSTs) as well a few of the amps in the amp sim, you could probably find a tone that is close (provided you experiment enough).

Also, I really hope you're using the free version of GR5, because you honestly can get better quality amp sims out of the free amp sims in the amp/cab sim sticky. Note, however, that you will need both an amp sim and a cab sim (aka an IR loader). I recommend LeCab2 for your IR loader.
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I'm not attempting to get his exact tone, I've just looked at what he uses and thought what amp sims could I use to achieve something similar...
I have alot of the freeware amp sims and ir's that you speak off i.e alot of the lepou stuff, kefir voxengo boogex and more!


I'm afraid that link doesn't work sir... =(
The closest low gain free amp sims the Anvil stuff and the Hybrit I'd say.

If not look at Kuassa Creme like Odirunn said.
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Live gear is very very different from what they do in the studio, but you have to realize that the guitar sound you hear on their records is the product of a series of amps and guitars that are layered in together for their characteristics.
You should also consider that song by song, the setup can change. For example I m now listening to the new single "I wanna be a warhol", and to get that kind of sound, I would probably use some amps like a Orange rocker 30 or / and a Marshall JCM 800 (Kind of a standard for punk rock)
Guitars equipped with humbuckers are definitely there, but they might be layered with some sort of vintage single coil guitar in the style of a P90 or jazzmaster pickup, which has got a better attack than a hum but is not as trebly as a strat/tele style pickup.

Of course throw in compressor and eq and reverb and you can drastically affect the sound of any guitar just with those :-)

Realistically, all you have to do is trying to experiment with what you ve got to get as close as possible