i often have nice ideas for a riff, but then as soon as i start to play and hit a bum note or something that doest sound right, the idea disappears. its like the sound of the guitar takes over rather than follows my head. any tips which might help? i could sing and record it but i'd rather improve on being able to play what im hearing in my head, rather than playing along with whatever the guitar happens to sound like...
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start out my humming the riff and recording it to avoid losing the initial idea, and then try to play it.
Keep humming or singing it over and over so that its in your head and try to play the riff slowly. Maybe turn down the volume of your guitar if it's plugged so it doesn't "take over the sound in your head".
you also might wanna record your humming with your phone or something, so you can't lose it-'

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Have a jam session with freinds and bust out that riff. However, if you cant find someone to play with, record a chord progression in the key of the riff, then play over it.
I've been playing for a long time, and I can't make songs when I'm playing guitar.
So most of my song writing is when i walk around the house just making melodies, lol
Practice. The more you play, the better you'll get at not hitting the wrong notes and the better you'll get at being able to play those melodies.
The only real way to eliminate this problem and boost your creativity is do ear training and learn a lot of harmony. By doing this you will be able to write something down immediately because you already know how it sounds before you play it
Yeah, I'd say ear training is the way to go. I used to have a hard time holding a melody in my head when I heard something different, but I've gotten a lot better. I've never worked specifically on that, but I spend a lot of time trying to just play stuff by ear and improvising and whatnot.
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