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I laid in bed Th Night for 3 hours before deciding to just go to the gym. THe gym was closed, which is BS. Then I worked for 14 hours and crashed at about 8pm.

The next day i fell asleep at 3am. Then again I wasn't resetting my clock intentionally, and I prolly could've slept at 8 again.
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If only you could back that statement up.
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that ain't falco
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Originally Posted by Axelfox

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From my experience, if I don't sleep for a whole night, I end up falling asleep somewhere in the middle of the day, and don't wake up till next morning.
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thinkin about thos Beans
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I usually get myself out of a notcurnal pattern by sleeping for a really long time (over 12 hours) and waking up a couple hours before my desired waking time. Then I can just adjust it over the next couple days.
Problem with sleeping for a long time is you feel shit when you do get up, I normally have a headache.
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Originally Posted by Lion_Slicer
Best way is to fast. Don't eat anything for at least 12 hours, then have breakfast and go about your day. Your metabolism clock can override your sleep clock. Otherwise you'll just feel like shit and probably will anyway.

^This, but everything I have read said at least 16-18 hours without eating, and to try to force yourself to sleep through the last 6-8 hours. That way you wake up, have breakfast and go about your day like normal.
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I have a problem with this, so I usually just smoke a lot of meth and pass out super early when I want to reset.
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It works for me if I can make it through the night. I end up doign it a few times a year, especially in the holidays where my sleep schedule gets really messed up.
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I got up at 4pm today, I sleep when I'm tired, the time doesn't matter to me really
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I did this over the past two days. It worked, but now it's 4:36AM and I'm still not in bed, so I think I messed it up again.
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Unravel a paperclip and stick the into a little hole at the base of your neck around the back. Push it until it clicks and wait 5-10 minutes for your sleep schedule to finish rebooting and you should be good.
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That's the only thing that works for me when I'm off schedule. Once I was able to fall asleep earlier by taking melatonin but that doesn't work anymore
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Doesn't really work for me. Done 4 all-nighters in my life, including tonight, and yeah my sleeping pattern will be ok for the next couple of days it doesn't really last longer than that.
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