Hello everybody

A few days ago i put out my first, complete solo-album: 'circling the drain"

The project is called Humanity Defiled. Death metal, but there's also other influences playing around.
There's very fast, fast, slow and very slow on this album. So i guess there's enough variation to keep listening. Every song is quite different. It also includes my personal interpretation of a Dax Riggs song (a spinning song).

There's no management or label behind me, mostly because i like to keep control over things.
Evidently, the setback is i have to do everything on my own.

This release is completely DIY. From the first riff up to the mastering process. This was a labour of love, because i love metal and making music.

The album is available for free. I have a decent job, so i don't have to make money on this.

You can stream the album, but everything sounds better if you download it. To do so, just type '0' in the price textbox.

Look for Humanity Defiled on bandcamp.

Many greetings