Hey folks, my band recorded an old track of ours and we'd really appreciate any feedback on it. I am the vocalist of the band so any comments there would be particularly welcome.
It is sort of like The Trooper by Maiden but with our own take on it and a more progressive twist....
Tjis track, like all our tracks are home recorded with very very limited equipment.... So we fully understand that the quality of the recording and mixing will not be as spot on as a lot of people would like....But yeah...

Anyway, hope you like it!


Tidal Reach -Up and Over
I liked the 16th note style riffing. Overall, Its a bit messy. I would generally say start with simpler tunes. I was in a prog metal band recently and we had to simplify for the same reason.. amd weve all been playing for 15 years.

Singer needs lessons he is really straining. Cool idea for a genre. Keep working.