Oh my god I've been searching around for an hour now ._.

Where would my thread about microphone feedback and stuff like that go?
In what context? Live or recorded?
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I think your best bet is Recordings, but I can't be sure.
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oh boy, it's one of these threads again.

basically what you should do, is show the microphone "the ripper". you know what i mean. like you get ready for the action, you show the giraffe the carrot sign, you turn on the lights down there, or whichever euphemistic expression you prefer. this causes the ripper to create white life juice. pour the juice on the microphone, and smash some eggs on it for good luck. this always does the trick in my case, and i can create sound recordings all day long.

hope this helps you, ts!

-xoxo ironicallyindie
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Recordings forum.


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