Hi chaps, two parts here so bear with me.

Firstly, I'm collecting an ever expanding collection of different overdrive and distortion pedals. It's quite fussy to switch between them live considering that I have to step on two pedals at once. Is there an easier way of doing this?

Secondly, I use different guitars in my band and it's quite inefficient to switch cables in the middle of a set. Any easier way of doing this? I'm also looking at switching between different amps in the future.
Bypass loop and multiple wireless xmitters. A/B switch for multiple amps.
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yep true bypass loop is the easiest/cheapest way to switch multiple pedals at once

i think there are pedals that you can plug several guitars into so you don't have to swap cables. Like a reverse a/b he mentioned above. I think radial and morley might do them? Probably several other people do them too...
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There are a few options as far as your pedals are concerned, I think easiest would be foregoing the fx and going for a multi-fx unit. I found a Boss GT-10 did pretty much everything my analog chorus, delay, compressor, flange, wah and phaser did. The tonality wasn't exactly quite the same but in live performance I really didn't hear that much of a difference and could dial things in close to what I had. As far as distortion and overdrive goes, the multifx was lacking so I kept that analog, running a 4 cable setup between the Boss and my amp, essentially using the modulation fx before preamp and the time fx in the loop. Works great and is a lot easier to set up, especially if you bundle your cables in one piece and color code them on all ends. This kind of set up could be done with other multifx units, the older Boss GT-6 and GT-8 I think works as well (people swear by the GT-6 for some reason), I've seen Larry Barragan (Helstar) use his POD multifx processor in the same way as well with an all tube amp which also sounded great.

If you for some reason want to retain all the original analog quirkiness and still decide to stay on pedals, there are a few switching solutions. There is an option to rackmount all your pedals and get a midi switching rig, like a Bradshaw or one of the other ones. The other two I know are Rocktron and Voodoolabs. Looks like Rocktron updated their options, I think what they now have is the Patchmate and Patchmate loop.

The one that I have and have used in another rig is the Voodoolab GCX:
You can couple that with a midi switcher, I have their Ground Control Pro.

If you want to go with something simpler for fewer effects, there is the Pedal Switcher and Commander:
These are analog switching solutions that are supposedly easier to program and can sit with your pedals on the floor.

You can also contact Terry Bradshaw for a custom unit if you want to go that route, not sure about the price, it varies by the level of complexity that you would want in the rig.

A cheap and easy solution that I've used in my smaller setups where I've had to do little side job at orchestra gigs was incorporating the Boss LS-2 into my pedalboard. This pedal gives you two discrete effect paths that you can switch between. In my case I set up the dirt (two overdrives cascading, thus crunch and lead) on one channel and my clean fx (chorus, tremolo) on the other, leaving the wah and compressor up front and the time effects (in my case delays) in the back. So basically at the switch of the LS-2 I had a clean and distorted tone. Downside is that you might have to double up on some pedals but there are a lot of possibilities with this set up as well.

There are a few demos on Youtube that might illustrate it better.
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Out of curiosity why do you have to switch cables to switch guitars? Are your cables gaffer taped to your guitar or you have a curly cable or something...
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Cheers chaps. Will have a look at some of the stuff mentioned here. I do like having a massive pedalboard.

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Out of curiosity why do you have to switch cables to switch guitars? Are your cables gaffer taped to your guitar or you have a curly cable or something...

Badly typed on my part, I meant switch the cable from one guitar to another which is what I've been doing.