I just bought this Ibanez off ebay and after cleaning it up, it looks great. This is my first guitar with active PUs; I currently play a custom Tele, outfit like a SSH strat. I plugged it in and noticed the output is really low. When I checked the 2 AAs, I noticed they were hot, which is sign of some kind of short. I put my meter on the battery leads; they show the correct 3V until I engage the pickups, which takes the voltage way down and warms up the batteries. I took the batteries out completely and I still get the same sound as before, which surprised me, as I assumed the actives needed power to pass signal. I downloaded the wiring chart and looked inside; everything appears to be the correct factory wiring. I thought maybe one of the PUs was shorted, so disconnected the power leads to each of the PUs and hooked each up separately. Sound was the same as before. Running out of ideas.

Anybody have any more thouhts on what I can check?

Thanks, Dave